Icing Instructions

Icing Instructions­­

The purpose of icing is to reduce bleeding and swelling.  Excessive icing is counter productive because of the body's natural defense mechanism to keep the body at a minimum temperature.  Different areas of the body require different time frames because of this defense mechanism.


Minimum 2-4 times per day

Maximum - Hourly (this means a one-hour break in between icing sessions)

Area Specific Guidelines and Timing:

Cervical spine (neck), wrist, elbow, ankle, shin - ice these areas for 10 minutes

Thoracic spine (mid-back), knee, shoulder - ice these areas for 15 minutes

Lumbar spine (low-back), pelvis, thigh - ice these areas for 20 minutes

These instructions are intended as a convenient copy to our current patients that have already received their icing instructions from one of our doctors.  To determine if icing is the correct treatment for your injury, please call or email to schedule an appointment!