For over 20 years Thorne Research has set the standard for exceptional formulations, quality, and purity in the nutritional supplement industry. Since their humble beginnings in 1984, the Thorne philosophy has stayed the same - manufacture the finest, purest, highest quality nutritional supplements in the world at a reasonable price. Thorne understands that people's lives actually depend on our products, and they take that responsibility very seriously.



Optibiotic is a unique combination of vitamins, minerals and botanical medicines specifically designed to aid the treatment of acute and chronic infections, whether of bacterial, viral or other microbial origin. Optibiotic has been a useful adjunct in conditions ranging from colds, flu, and sore throat to acne, coughs and localized inflammations.


Formula 303

An all natural homeopathic formula used by over 2 million people for Relief of Muscle Spasm, Tension and Stress. Used and recommended by over 6000 Chiropractors and other Professional Practitioners for over 44 years. Formula 303 contains a time-tested combination of NATURAL ingredients that works FAST. Formula 303 ingredients include Valerian Root, Passion Flower and Magnesium.



BIOFREEZE products are a unique, effective pain reliever formulated to provide a variety of benefits for therapy, pain relief, exercise/training and overall comfort. BIOFREEZE products contain ILEX, an herbal extract from a South American holly shrub. ILEX is used around the world in various health & wellness formulations. BIOFREEZE topical analgesic does not use waxes, oils, aloe or petroleum. The result is a fast-acting, penetrating, long lasting pain reliever. BIOFREEZE products can effectively help relieve pain from: Sore Muscles & Muscle Sprains, Back, Shoulder, Neck Pain, Arthritis, Painful Ankle, Knee, Hip & Elbow Joints, Muscular Strains.



This totally unique beverage was developed by a Colorado company, Ultimate Performance Products Inc., which specializes in the development of health promoting products for active people. The company created SPORTea® to compete with the numerous beverages now available for active people which are extremely rich in refined sugar and are usually packed with large quantities of sodium. SPORTea® provides a healthy beverage alternative to these products by combining dynamic nutrition and great taste with no sugar or sodium. SPORTea® is energizing, sustaining, nutritious, all natural, builds endurance, leads to peak performance at work and play, enhances mental alertness, fights stress, provides basic vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, fights colds, builds stamina, ss clean, refreshing and truly quenches thirst, has a citrus sweet flavor that excites the taste buds, has no negative calories, no artificial sweeteners and it is a decaf equivalent so no caffeine or sugar letdown.


BeeYoutiful Supplements

Multiple vitamins help to bridge the nutrient gap in our daily diets. In today's world of processed foods and fast-paced lifestyles, many of us do not get the daily recommended allowance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Multiple vitamins can help fill in the areas lacking in our diets, and are formulated to provide a broad range of nutrition in a synergistic manner. SuperMom, SuperDad and SuperKids contain a huge array of vitamins and minerals essential for good health. SuperMom & SuperDad also contain Spirulina which increases the potency of the vitamin.


Theraband logo.gif

The Thera-Band® Brand

Thera-Band® brand products comprise the world's leading line of progressive elastic resistance exercise products for professional rehabilitation and wellness.  Thera-Band resistance exercise systems are used as tools for rehabilitating and restoring muscle and joint functions and for improving conditioning, balance and building strength.  We carry the Flex-Bar, Thera-Band and Band-Loops.  Other products can be ordered.  Our providers will train you on the use of these great products specific to your injury and rehab.


Innate Choice Omega Sufficiency

Omega Sufficiency is the world's premier EPA/DHA omega 3 fish oil. Each teaspoon or 4 capsules provides 740-825 mg of EPA and 460-550 mg of DHA omega 3 essential fatty acids which have been scientifically shown to be a crucial requirement for health and important in the prevention of illnesses such as heart disease, arthritis, ADD, depression, stroke, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, osteoporosis, and Alzheimer's.

Chiropractor's Blend Muscle Ezze AM PM

Muscle Ezze

If you struggle with sleepless nights, whether from chronic stress, anxiety, tension, sore muscles, or insomnia, herbal supplementation does not have the

addictive effects of many prescription muscle relaxants and sleep aids. Chiropractor's Blend Muscle Ezze PM EX2 Night Time™ offers the unique herbal blend as our Original Natural Muscle Ezze Advanced V40™ day and night formula but, with added sleep benefits of natural herbs, Passion Flower, Lemon Balm Leaf, and Hops Cone Extracts, all to help promote a more calming, anti-anxiety effect at bed time. We have also added 3 mg of Melatonin, a hormone naturally produced in the brain that helps regulate sleep patterns and the body’s circadian rhythm.