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Spokane's Only Customizable Organic Mattress Showroom!

Many of us are concerned with making sure that the food we eat is as clean and organic as we can find and afford.  What thought have you put into where you spend up to one-third of your life?  Patients and the general public are always asking chiropractors what mattress they should choose.  There is no one-size-fits-all answer to that question!  We do know that what we breathe all night is just as important as being comfortable and getting a wonderful night's sleep, which is why AHA is proud to offer the organic and natural mattress options that Savvy Rest provides!  It is also very exciting that each side (queen size and up) can be configured separately, so neither partner has to settle!  

If you have been looking for an organic latex mattress, or are just now learning about them, please click above to learn more!  If you are ready to try out some custom mattress configurations, please call (509) 258-5038 or email [email protected] to schedule a time to come experience the affordable luxury of natural latex!  General showroom hours to be posted soon.

While any Savvy Rest product can be ordered through our showroom and delivered to your door, we will have 12 different mattress configurations to try out, with more options just a zip away as we use the layers we have to create exactly what you would like to try!  

Not ready for a whole mattress?  Try the organic mattress toppers in latex or wool.  A wonderful selection of organic body and head pillows made from kapok, wool, latex or combinations of these components are also available to try out, and are also customizable!  Organic cotton sheets, cotton or wool mattress covers, and other bedding options are also available. 

We also carry a selection of simple, lovely platform beds with several zero-VOC stains to 

choose from.


And possibly the most important mattress in the family, the SavvyBaby organic baby mattress.